GSB 622 Management Information Systems

e-commerce problem

Fall 2012


Unit Assigned Due Due Date % of problem garde


Define Business - What is the business, the business strategy, and the web strategy?. How does the web strategy support the business strategy?

Set Scope

Create the web site About Page. Upload it.



Build Web Site with Company Info.

Business Definition

And Build Home and About Pages

9/27 20


Improve business Strategy and Web Stategy.

Create an initial design for functions your web site will have to support your business strategy. List each function and provide a 1-3 sentence desciption of what the fucntion will do. Bring the document to class so it can be shown on the screen. Clean up format of home page (index.html) and (about.html). Add working links between the two pages if they are not already present.

Note: You may need to further clarify your business strategy (agree on scope, provide more details as needed).

10/4 15
3a Document in detail exactly what one of the functions you defined last week will do. (Not implementation details -- just how it will look to the user) Example 1: How will your products be displayed? Will they be grouped into categories? How will users search for products (if this is needed)? Example 2:Will Users Register for your site? What will you do if they forget their password? 10/11 0 - (included in the 25% below)
4 Add payment system

Updated web site with at least one product. Implement a part of what you have designed.

Product selection page(s) Optionally use ZenCart

10/25 25
5 Analyze sales from a given input file Use Excel and Pivot Tables to get insight into sales data. 11/1 15
6 Answer how you would enhance your web site given specified resources Written plans 11/8 10

Present your work to the class

11/15 15
8     11/15